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Consulting Geared to Commercial Success

Unmatched Experience for Medical Oversight

Business Development and Strategic Advising

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Michael Kurman Consulting, LLC provides strategic drug development and consulting services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare companies in the area of oncology across the continuum of the product lifecycle. Since 1980, as both an investigator and pharmaceutical executive, Dr. Michael Kurman has brought wide-ranging understanding to clients’ projects. With this know-how, Michael Kurman Consulting is able to anticipate potential hurdles and provide contingencies and solutions to maintain an uncompromising focus on moving projects along the developmental path and to help clients realize the greatest commercial potential for their products. 


Clinical Development and Operations

The key to unlocking the potential of any drug product is the program of clinical trials that describe the safety and efficacy of that product. Clinical trials determine how a drug will be prescribed, what may be said in marketing and sales efforts, and ultimately the product’s return on investment. The single most powerful competitive advantage of a pharma organization is its ability to plan and execute its clinical program in a timely manner.

Unmatched Experience For Medical Oversight

Since 1980, Dr. Michael Kurman has participated in the development of oncology agents as an investigator, a pharmaceutical executive and a consultant, bringing a unique depth of experience across a broad range of treatment modalities and neoplastic disorders to day-to-day medical monitoring of clinical trials as well as strategic medical oversight of development programs.

Consulting Geared to Commercial Success

Achieving regulatory approval is a major milestone in the lifecycle of a product, but we never forget that companies and investors require a return on their investments; we therefore tailor our advice to maximize the chances of not only regulatory, but of commercial success.

Business Development and Strategic Advising

Successful pharmaceutical development sits on two key pillars: cutting-edge science and the ability to assemble substantial capital. Taking timely advantage of opportunities for funding, mergers, acquisitions, and in- and out-licensing of products can be the difference between success and disappointment. By providing clinical and regulatory due diligence and competitive analysis we help companies lower the risk involved in business arrangements.

Marketing and Sales Support

Marketing and sales are where the return on research investment occurs, but the current competitive environment in oncology is intense. Today, a company must own its niche and its message to the practicing oncologist must be focused, lucid and unambiguous.

Signs and Symptoms

Several years ago, I had to undergo surgery on my cervical spine due to progressive osteoarthritis that was causing both a sensory and motor neuropathy in my right arm. The procedure, which was performed at a prestigious New York City teaching hospital, took approximately 90 minutes, and the surgeon’s fee (not the entire hospitalization) was $40,000. I’m guessing I was not his only surgery that day. I thought about this because I was recently reading the latest copy of The Cancer Journal, which was devoted to the issue of cancer drug costs. 

The MKC philosophy is that success in the pharmaceutical industry lies at the convergence of 3 key factors:

There must be objective experimental and unbiased clinical evidence of safety and efficacy

All aspects of development must be conducted within a regulatory and ethical framework consistent with the requirements of global government authorities

There must be a clear path to commercialization and a lucid business case for the product so that investors can recoup their investments