Michael Kurman Consulting, LLC provides strategic drug development and consulting services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare companies in the area of oncology across the continuum of the product lifecycle.  With over 28 years of oncology drug development experience as both an investigator and pharmaceutical executive, Michael Kurman Consulting brings wide-ranging understanding to clients’ projects.  With this know-how, we are able to anticipate potential hurdles and provide contingencies and solutions to maintain an uncompromising focus on moving projects along the developmental path and to help clients realize the greatest commercial potential for their products.

Our philosophy is that success in the pharmaceutical industry lies at the Convergence of 3 key factors:

There must be objective experimental and unbiased clinical evidence of safety and efficacy

All aspects of development must be conducted within a regulatory and ethical framework consistent with the requirements of local government authorities

There must be a clear path to commercialization and a lucid business case for the product so that investors can recoup their investments