Marketing and sales is where the return on research investment occurs, but the current competitive mood is intense.  Within 1 month of the approval of the 1st new drug for renal cell cancer (RCC), sorafenib, in December of 2005 came the approval of the 2nd,  sunitinib, for essentially the same indication.  The 3rd drug for RCC came out less than 18 months later.  Within the space of 7 months in 2009, 3 additional drugs for the treatment of RCC came to market, and there are several additional such drugs in late phase development.  Today, a company must own its niche and its message to the practicing oncologist must be focused, lucid and unambiguous. 

  • Medical review of promotional/launch materials
  • Post-marketing medical support
  • Publication/presentation strategy
  • Phase 4 study design
  • Sales force training
  • Advisory board recruitment/support
  • Positioning strategy